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Discover Streamers and Audiences.
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Build, manage, track, and measure sponsorship and influencer campaigns with Aggero


Discover optimal influencer partners using a blend of demographics, psychographics, interests, brand affinity, and behaviour.

Manage and Serve

Manage partnership workflows, send and receive creative assets, and distribute content programmatically or through customized engagements.

Measure, Report and Optimize

Receive automated reporting that includes livestream scanning of brand placements and verbal mentions, partner social posts, and social conversations.

Our Approach

Powering Influencer Campaigns with AI-Driven Analytics Technology

Aggero uses AI-driven analytics technology to support you at all stages of the esports and gaming media process.

Whether you’re searching for streamers to support your marketing campaign, attempting to deliver media programmatically to a network of streamers, or looking for ways to measure ROI of sponsorships and campaigns, Aggero’s proprietary technology stack provides a robust analytics solution to support your marketing initiatives.

Need help developing a plan? Our in-house team of industry experts can help you craft a custom campaign starting at the strategic planning process and carry you through contract negotiations, execution management, and measurement and reporting.


Twitch users spend an average of 95 minutes on Twitch daily.

Our Technology

Automated Media Distribution

Remove manual labor from the display media on streams. Aggero Network gives you the ability to programmatically send media directly to streamers and display your media live on stream.

Serve media based on audience profiles, stream characteristics, or custom triggers you define.


Esports champions make more money than Novak Djokovic.

Real-Time Stream Monitoring and Reporting

Aggero StreamScan utilizes industry-leading Computer Vision and Audio Recognition technology to identify and track in-stream brand placements and verbal brand mentions.

Reports are compiled automatically within the platform giving your organization a turnkey solution for stream monitoring and ROI measurement for all of your livestream campaigns.

Turnkey solution for brands, agencies, teams, and events


Use Cases

Identify Gaming Influencers

Search our database of over 600,000 influencers and find ideal partners to meet your campaign requirements.

Media Optimization

Adjust partnership strategies based on real-time partner channel performance analytics.

Measurement and ROI Reporting

Take the guesswork out of reporting with ROI tracking and measurement driven by Aggero StreamScan™

Strategic Support

Unsure where to start? We can help you craft a campaign that meets your business objectives and supports your creative goal.

Ad Serving

Send creative directly to streamers to enhance your campaigns with scalable programmatic media.

Aggero has been a fantastic resource for uncovering influencers to collaborate with on various client projects.

Chris Smith, CEO

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