Empowerment Through Video Insights

Uncover what creators & consumers say about your brand and products by using our AI-video listening tool. Now, you can understand why your influencer video marketing is effective and you can truly optimize it.

Influencer marketing is growing, and understanding video content is key. Aggero AI-driven video listening software brings clarity within the elusive "black box" of video content. Since 2018 we have delved into every detail, tracking reactions on all key social and video platforms, whether live or recorded. Our mission is simple: to help you understand what creators & consumers say about your brand and products. Providing you with the precise, actionable insights needed to amplify your marketing ROI and empower your influencer campaigns with undeniable impact.
Supported Platforms
Monitor & Analyze
Monitor video platforms for organic and paid content
Our data-first approach
1. Discover
Aggero Tech provides granular insights to pinpoint the right influencers and video content that resonate with your target demographics. With our multi-language analysis, expand your reach across different regions by identifying key audience segments and their preferences.
2. Measure
We measure true authentic audience engagement in sync with the video content by analyzing real time metrics and contextualized live feedback. Benefit from AI-powered narratives that transform complex viewer interactions into clear and actionable insights.
3. Monitor
Monitor content video campaigns with meticulous attention to detail. Our software keeps track of video product placements, voice mentions, and audience reactions in real-time chat.
4. Understand
Our AI-powered insights can help you understand the full context of audience reactions and how they relate to the content creators' moments. Sharpen your content strategy for higher engagement and results.
5. Optimize
Take advantage of our effortless AI summaries and expert guidance to fine-tune your video content strategy, ensuring that your influencer video marketing is optimized for maximum impact and ROI. We provide true creator-led video content analysis.
2023 SAW A
Influencer marketing spend set to hit $21.1 Billion
Our Partners Know Success
Finding and understanding the meta insights of creator made video captures the excitement of live streaming and the power of an engaged community. We are fortunate to work with the smartest brands, influencers and top marketers globally who help us take influencer marketing to the edge.
Measure & Report
Reporting the right data for maximizing ROI
Voice Mentions
Broadcast Assets
Passive Placements
Actionable Insights
Automated Highlights
Media Valuation
Automated Reports
Turnkey solution for creator-led intelligence
Not quite ready to dive into using our self-service solution? Aggero provides a seamless transition into influencer marketing with our full-scale managed services
AI-Enhanced Managed Influencer Campaigns by Aggero Tech
Empower your influencer marketing with Aggero's Managed Campaigns. We blend AI analytics and expert strategy for campaigns that truly resonate and deliver.
Your Journey, Our Expertise
1. Expert Consultation:
Begin with a no-obligation discussion to understand your brand, audience, and objectives.
2. Campaign Blueprint:
Together, we'll define a clear strategy, set solid goals, and detail all deliverables and creative elements to ensure campaign success.
3. Influencer Matchmaking:
Dive into our vast network and data-driven approach to discover the perfect content partners and audiences for your brand.
4. Campaign Execution:
We'll handle all aspects of the campaign, with seamless deployment and real-time optimizations. Our team closely monitors what the audience is saying and engages with the most during each campaign.
5. Insightful Reporting:
We'll provide you with detailed reports that measure the impact of your campaign on key metrics, campaign impact, and ROI.
Partner with Aggero and redefine Influencer Marketing:
If you're looking for a smart, streamlined, and cost-effective approach to influencer marketing, Aggero's Managed Influencer Campaigns service is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve success.


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