5 Amazing Benefits Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Technology Brings To The Gaming Industry

social listening benefits

AI video social listening benefits the gaming industry by offering a new way to analyze video content, creators, and social media audience reactions in the gaming industry. Aggero’s does all this for you, but it also leads data-first industry standards by offering granular video insights on gaming videos and live streams.

This is achieved through our own AI technology that recognizes speech. Based on this capacity, your gaming influencer marketing campaigns or your organic social video strategy can grow in new ways with audience metrics that weren’t previously available on the market, such as quickly identifying game mentions in social videos or the engagement of the audience to these mentions or to other topics of interest.

Why is Social Video Listening Important in the Gaming World?

A targeted influencer or gaming professional campaign can bring multiple social listening benefits to gaming brands. Aggero helps reach campaign objectives with a data-rich approach.

  • Clear influencer video campaign objectives – Aggero’s video insights offer social sentiment metrics that benefit your influencer collaborations, the relationship with esports heavyweights, or your objectives with regular players and streamers.
  • Maximizing ROI – our detailed video campaign metrics help maximize the return on investment for content-led influencer campaigns.
  • Increased brand awareness – influencers help spread the reach of games through their large audience.
  • Reaching the audience that matters – Aggero’s social media metrics are cross-platform. Gamers love Twitch and YouTube streaming. Our AI video listening software ‘listens’ to these platforms.
  • Improve game development – learn how gamers and streamers resonate with your game and implement audience feedback in your future game updates and releases to tailor it based on their preferences.

From esports to hobby gaming, there’s value in understanding social media sentiment through social listening. Correlating audience sentiment with the video content on these platforms allows companies to act fast and get first-hand data they can use for both paid and organic video-led content and game development.

5 Video-led Social Listening Benefits To The Gaming Industry

Some of the traditional social video metrics gaming industry influencer campaigns are guided by including video numbers, likes, shares, and comments. While Aggero also tracks this data, it additionally offers extra features as an all-in-one video-led campaign solution with unique metrics that truly help you understand video-led campaigns and optimize them live, as they unfold.

1. Unique and Relevant Audience Engagement Data

Understanding audience sentiment based on tracked topics, keywords, or hashtags through AI social listening leads to better community engagement in the gaming world.

Audience sentiment, in all of its forms (positive, negative, or neutral) and audience tone nuances (amazement, awe, confusion, or excitement) can be tracked with Aggero’s unique AI Video Listening tool within streaming platforms such as Twitch.

This unique technology and its implementation in the gaming industry means you can now learn how players perceive your game in detail.

Our AI video listening technology pushes social video metrics in the gaming industry even further. Aggero deeper correlates the reactions of the audience (the gaming community) to what creators (gaming streamers, esports professionals, and other influencers) say. This means game publishers and developers can finally match products such as game updates with the right audience expectations.

Our AI video listening technology additionally quantifies audience reactions by region. As a result, international game releases or streams can be tracked across countries, with specific interpretations across different regions and automated data translation into English. Your benefit as a gaming brand? Get clear insights on how your game is perceived across the world.

Not only can Aggero do this for your game or publishing brand, but it has already proven its worth in the gaming industry. Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool helps Wargaming improve game updates with detailed audience insights.

2. Enhanced Monetization Opportunities

Both gamers and game developers can earn more when they know which social video metrics are truly important and adjust accordingly. Game publishers and developers can use Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool to better track influencer campaigns or sponsored content. On the other hand, even gamers and esports players can earn more as they learn what type of content resonates the most with their audience through social listening.

Gaming brands and gamers can leverage Aggero’s real time data availability to spot changes such as improvements in audience sentiment which helps with monetization strategies. Some of the real-time data Aggero offers to the gaming community include access to specific moments of audience engagement within streaming discussion as well as a list of the most discussed topics which show where the attention of creators and their audience is. In the gaming industry, understanding this data and taking action on it leads to further benefits such as improved gameplay experience, brand loyalty, and ultimately, better ROI.

3. Finding the Right Influencers to Work With (Plus the Right Video Platforms)

Identifying the right influencers to work with can be difficult. Even more, it’s impossible to listen to all of the influencers with an interest in your game genre. Aggero does it for you through AI video social listening.

Some of the benefits of using our technology in this case involves discovering the influencers that already discuss either your game or its genre with an engaged audience to these topics of interest.

Even more, you can leverage Aggero’s technology to find out which influencers have negatively or positively talked about your game. You can power Aggero’s AI technology to find out which influencers with large followings have negative sentiments towards your game (or game updates) and try to improve in key areas to balance how these influencers and their audience, which can often reach millions of players, perceive your game as well.

4. Competitor Strategy Analysis

As a type of market research, AI competitor analysis puts you ahead of other games in your category, if followed by the right strategies. Needless to say, competitor analysis needs to be taken seriously.

As another advantage of social listening, you can use creator video insights to get up to date with your competitor’s audience sentiment. Some of the data you can collect on your competitors include positive, negative, or neutral audience sentiment data, with lessons to learn about what gamers want and expect from a game in your category. Game publishers can adjust their influencer campaigns by discovering both the weak and strong points of their competitors to stay one step ahead in the eyes of gamers and customers.

5. Crisis Management Data

Social listening and audience sentiment data collected by Aggero can protect your game from the worst-case scenario.

Some brands know that acting quickly is almost half the battle in managing a potential crisis situation. Our tool tracks audience and creator or streamer reactions in real-time which allows game developers to quickly spot potential negative sentiment.

Crisis management social listening helps you spot sudden changes in social sentiment. This includes discovering changes in video creator’s tone or audience reactions. For example, you can spot an increase in negative perceptions about products such as a game update immediately after publishing.

Real-time sentiment analysis shows actual perceptions about a game or a specific update as well as fluctuations in how gamers talk about a new release. You can rely on these changes to spot tone changes in audience perceptions early. Most importantly, you can use collected social listening and audience sentiment data to improve game updates based on audience feedback.


Unlike common social media monitoring, video-led social listening is grounded in taking action after the listening itself. The right creator and audience data allows brands to take control of their social messaging. The social listening benefits from Aggero’s AI video-led social listening technology and the data it collects such as audience engagement patterns or influencer relevancy can only be leveraged when you take action with your game’s influencer marketing strategy. Luckily, the data you collect with Aggero’s key social listening metrics help you set achievable data-centered goals aligned with the expectations of your ideal audience.