How Wargaming Improves Game Updates With Deep Audience Feedback Provided by Aggero

Wargaming Case Study Aggero

 This is the story of how we helped and continue helping Wargaming Europe track audience feedback across social channels to improve game updates.

Committed to unparalleled gaming experiences, Wargaming is just as much into excellence as Aggero is. This is why we aim to help the game developer and publisher excel with data-driven insights about their game and future releases to understand better how to shape their game.

The challenge to Improve Game Updates

Wargaming was facing a difficult task – to track, measure, and aggregate gaming audience feedback to improve future game updates. The company’s developers were relying on audience intel for successful future updates.

Challenges in short

  • Track and manage contributor audience feedback across multiple regions while navigating the sentiment towards game releases and additional downloadable content (DLC) by analyzing Twitch what content creators say stream videos and how audiences react to what they say in specific video moments.
  • A way to centralize KPIs from paid content creators. Both complex tasks due to frequent game updates and large player databases.

Our solution

Aggero is the leader in video social listening and we simply deployed our AI video listening technology to deliver unique gaming analytics for Wargaming. We analyzed thousands of hours of video content in multiple languages on relevant social media platforms – TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.

We listened to what content creators were saying about the company’s game updates and corelated it to specific moments of audience sentiment in multiple languages, across countries. Our reports were soon in the hands of Wargaming. For the first time, our partner gained access to advanced video analytics with the capacity to filter by region or language. We uncovered what creators on Twitch say about the game and its updates as well as the audience reactions and sentiment about game-related topics in specific video and stream moments, crucial to understanding game mechanics and updates success.


Aggero helped Wargaming to effortlessly track and measure game releases and further updates to gain valuable insights to achieve game success.

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 A refined game development strategy was possible due to our technology. The feedback Aggero collected from analysing thousands of Twitch videos and their game  audience feedback was incorporated by Wargaming developers in their future DLCs to improve updates and game mechanics.

We’re looking forward to guide Wargaming and the gaming industry with deep audience insights as we continue working together.

More About Wargaming

Wargaming is a leader in the world of online action games. Some of its most-acknowledged titles include World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Planes. The MMO game developer is one of the leaders of the gaming industry with thousands of employees, offices around the world, and a considerable following of gaming enthusiasts.

Wargaming FAQ

Collaborating with a dedicated group of content creators on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube presents numerous challenges. Among these challenges, one of the most significant is the effective management and evaluation of the vast amount of content produced. With the implementation of the Aggero solution, we have streamlined our processes, enabling us to automatically assess the value of our creator program. This tool has proven invaluable in providing timely insights into the quality of the generated content, facilitating a more efficient and informed approach to content management.

Initially, we harbored skepticism towards the feedback gathering process and the artificial intelligence’s ability to handle nuances such as sarcasm, irony, or the specialized terminology prevalent in the World of Tanks community. However, following a series of meticulous smaller-scale tests and collaborative adjustments with the Aggero developers, the feedback has consistently demonstrated a commendable level of precision and accuracy.

Our partnership with Aggero has proven instrumental in providing precise statistics regarding the reach and performance of our contributors program. Metrics such as total views and hours watched have been effectively captured, with particular emphasis on the calculated media value. These comprehensive data insights have played a pivotal role in demonstrating the success of our collaborations with third-party entities.

Throughout our collaborative efforts, the team at Aggero consistently demonstrated availability and responsiveness, facilitating seamless and efficient resolution of issues through prompt fixes and live campaign monitoring. Their invaluable support extended beyond immediate problem-solving, with regular updates and the implementation of new features to enhance the overall campaign management experience.