8 Social Listening Video Metrics for the Beauty Industry

Social listening metrics that matter

Without the right video social listening metrics, influencer marketing campaigns never reach their full potential across the beauty industry and other industries as well. Aggero’s unique video social listening KPIs are here to revolutionize how your beauty brand tracks and interprets social video performance for maximum engagement and the best ROI.

From Maybelline to NARS Cosmetics, beauty brands are heavily invested in influencer marketing, the pinnacle of social video. Video social listening allows beauty brands to discover consumer intelligence data that wasn’t available before. Today, the brands in the beauty industry (estimated at a net worth of over $668 billion) can gather deep data about customer preferences with tools such as Aggero, leveraging AI video social listening.

The Current Struggles With Social Listening Metrics in Beauty Influencer Marketing

While not obvious at first, the current beauty industry influencer KPIs and the metrics they rely on are built on subjective grounds. Beauty companies are not even aware of the audience data they’re missing out on. A lack of real data currently holds beauty brands back from reaching their full market potential. Even more, a lack of true audience insights means these brands don’t fully understand what customers think about their products and what they truly need.

Audience engagement guesswork – beauty brands don’t yet get the full picture of their audience’s perception of a brand or product. They can’t because they don’t have the right tools or the resources to parse millions of social videos. Aggero offers both social video audience insights and audience engagement data which eliminate guesswork from influencer social campaigns. In addition, it layers different types of deep data by different metrics such as the number and the timing of mentions as well as detailed audience sentiment information.

Subjective influencer selection – even something as simple as selecting the right influencers for social video beauty campaigns is currently subjective. Audiences like influencers for the content they produce, but they might not resonate with the video-led content your brand puts forward through influencers. Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool understands what influencers and audiences say. As a result, you can partner with the brands that already have an engaged audience on your brand, product, or industry.

Video-led Social Listening Metrics To Count On In The Beauty Industry

While not all brands need the same metrics, the following types of gathered social video metrics are among the most important. Both new and established beauty brands with either local or worldwide distribution can benefit from these new metrics that eliminate subjective interpretations from their social video campaigns. Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening tool covers all of the following metrics, from listening to what influencers and audiences say to monitoring and adjusting live campaign performance. Here are the metrics your beauty brand also needs to consider for social growth based on a data-first approach.

Video-led Social Listening Metrics

1. Mentions

Brand mentions and product mentions are the most common types of in-video verbal references when it comes to influencer marketing.

  • Brand mentions – the number of times your beauty brand has been verbally mentioned in social videos. Not only does Aggero track brand mentions but it also monitors the sentiment towards these mentions. This metric is unique to Aggero and its nuances are highly important to beauty brands as it uncovers what people say about your brand.
  • Product mentions – specific product voice mentions such as mascara may be tracked within videos. Aggero’s unique AI Video Social Listening Tool discovers when creators discuss your product and how audiences react to what they say or show with unique social video engagement insights.
  • Topics of interest – Aggero also tracks spoken topics of interest, apart from brand mentions and product mentions. You can select the right hashtag for your beauty brand to see what influencers and audiences say about a certain topic related to your industry, brand, or product.

Aggero’s AI video insights uniquely tracks verbal in-video mentions. The number, reach, and the reactions to these mentions are tracked by our AI video social listening tool. Your beauty brand can grow with a new layer of data by understanding Aggero’s innovative mention metrics as opposed to older or traditional metrics in this space which are still limited to mentions data such as brand tags or product tags.

2. In-Video Product Placements

Some of the most popular types of social videos in the beauty industry include skin-care routines, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and unboxing videos. Let’s say your brand launches a new product and sends it out to influencers to test and share. How do you ensure your campaign KPIs are met and the product is actually shown when you need to check thousands of videos? The answer lies within Aggero’s AI technology that finds when and where the product is shown, its time on screen and the social sentiment to the showcased product.

This type of metric is also unique to Aggero. It shows the moments when your showcased product on screen and the type of audience engagement related to it.

3. Audience Sentiment

Audience sentiment is one of the most important metrics of social listening in the beauty industry. It analyzes customer satisfaction by processing speech and interactions, essentially discovering what customers say about a brand, product, or topic. Your beauty brand learns if the audience has a positive, negative, or neutral reaction about your products to adjust either the influencer marketing campaign or to enhance future products.

Aggero has already proven it’s technology in the beauty space with the COTY TikTok Audience Engagement Secrets and the Estee Lauder TikTok engagement rate case studies.

There’s value in learning both about the positive and negative audience sentiment towards your brand or product. You can learn from negative feedback to improve your products by conducting social media sentiment analysis with video insights. The key advantage here is you have first-hand unbiased data from the customers themselves and not from more traditional and time-consuming surveys.

4. Engagement Rate

Key influencer campaign metrics also include engagement rate. Views and interactions are quantified to calculate the engagement rate. Aggero’s advanced reporting features go a step further, also showcasing how your engagement rate changes over time for a deep understanding of your product’s perception and your influencer campaign performance.

Video engagement social media listening metrics should not be confused with reach and impressions. Reach refers to the number of video views while impressions refer to the number of times your video was shown regardless if the content has been clicked on or not. Engagement rate is calculated by a viewer action such as a click or a comment.

5. Engagement Top Moments

Viewers only engage with a small part of the video or with a certain topic or product feature within the video. Aggero tracks this specific moment and helps you understand what makes your audience ‘tick’.

Our AI video listening tool extracts top engagement moments, which are the true engagement measure. This unique metric moves your beauty brand one step closer to complete social video audience insights.

Aggero also counts and tracks the duration of these top moments. This type of metric shows the length (in seconds) of the top engagement moments. It can be used to differentiate influencers that keep their audiences engaged the most.

6. ROI

Influencer outreach is based on one objective – to see social media marketing strategies paying off. Analyzing audience sentiment with the different layers of reactions allows beauty brands to maximize return on investment as their campaigns are live through Aggero’s AI technology.


Aggero also helps maximize your beauty brand’s ROI by showing which types of influencers are best to be associated with. With our tool, you can filter creators by: 



All of these categories help your beauty brand associate with the influencers already proven to have an engaged audience in your industry or even on your brand for maximum ROI. 

Pro tip: the average influencer marketing ROI follows the 5:1 rule where brands get $5 for ever $1 spent on influencer marketing. Make sure your brand is within or above this ROI average by tracking influencer campaign performance with Aggero.

7. Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the ideal video social listening parameters as they help group and discover relevant videos for your brand, product, or industry.

Aggero uses hashtags to define your social listening campaign objectives and deals with large amounts of data to find relevant information for your industry. Hashtags help uncover relevant videos, talking points, influencers, and even trending topics.

In 2023, there were more than 528 billion #makeup hashtags and 29 million #beautytips hashtags on TikTok alone. You can leverage such hashtags for market research or to spot industry trends.

8. Influencer Feedback and Tone

While you can learn from both positive and negative feedback, Aggero’s AI video social listening tool helps you quickly discover which influencers positively talk about your brand and product. You can then sort these influencers by their tone to consider them as potential brand ambassadors. 

The good news is you can use the influencer tone for your influencer campaign metrics to establish which creators align with your brand’s values the most. This metric is yet to be explored by other video social listening tools as only Aggero shows the true importance of the influencer’s tone of voice for actual influence, confirming research that state the tone of voice is crucial for brand-creator relationship building.

Why do social listening metrics based on influencer videos matter?

All brands, especially those in the beauty industry can use social listening metrics based 

on video content analysis for better influencer marketing strategies or as a means to discover true audience perceptions. Here’s why social listening metrics matter.


Shaping influencer marketing strategy – video-led social listening metrics help define successful influencer strategies. They show the platforms, creators, and the type of content that performs best.

Defining influencer analytics with unique KPIs – brands use video-led social listening to discover influencers and to show which influencers are the most engaging per relevant topic. 

Discovering the patterns of highly-performing video content – social listening metrics identify the repetitive content and topics that consistently show high engagement.

Showing true audience reactions – social listening based on influencer video shows where audiences react with praise, criticism, suggestions, or simple chatter towards a brand’s products. Companies finally get deep audience insights on the topics that matter.

Aggero Tracks Video-led Social Listening Metrics

There are different metrics you can find relevant to your beauty brand. It’s now time to decide which of these metrics you want to track. Standard or typical social media metrics typically include outdated KPIs, unlike with video social listening metrics that define how beaty brands are represented on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Our AI Video Social Listening Tool tracks your beauty influencer marketing campaigns across multiple social platforms and delivers the most important metrics for data-driven business growth.

Get started with Aggero’s innovative AI video social listening metrics for your beauty brand!