What is Social Sentiment in Social Video and How to Track it?

What is Social Sentiment in Social Video

When it comes to innovative social video analytics, you need to ask yourself what is social sentiment to better understand why it offers unrivaled data about brands and their products in the eyes of social media followers. 

Social sentiment goes deeper into what your customers think about your products, it shows where client attention and expectations are, when these expectations are met, or when brands fall short of them as an emotional reaction. This article is about what social sentiment is and how you can track it in the context of social media and influencer marketing videos.

What is Social Sentiment?

Social sentiment, also referred as sentiment analysis or opinion mining, is the process of analyzing and quantifying opinions, emotions, or attitudes people have towards brands, products, and services, typically on social media.
Natural language processing (NLP) and text analysis are used by companies to discover and quantify opinions about products or services.
Aggero’s social sentiment technology analyzes both videos and texts from comments on relevant influencer videos to discover the full spectrum of social sentiment.

Social media videos are analyzed to show how consumers truly feel about a topic. Businesses leverage social media sentiment analysis data to discover first-hand consumer feedback on their brand, product, or industry.

Social mention sentiment analysis reveals creator and audience data that can be positive, negative, or neutral. Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool identifies the type of audience sentiment toward your brand or product with an additional layer of tone nuances. The result? Real data from real consumers and influencers your brand can use to enhance influencer video marketing campaign ROI, improve products, and better customer experience

Not sure how social media sentiment is relevant to your business? Ask yourself this.

How are people reacting to your products promoted through influencer marketing?

Are my customers happy or disappointed by my product or update?

What product are my brand followers looking for next?

Which product feature has impressed/disappointed my customer base the most?

Which industry trend are customers really talking about?

Which creators talk positively or negatively about your product? 

These are all questions social media sentiment analysis can uncover. In the context of the growing social video creator economy, Aggero’s unique capabilities do this through speech processing and not just based on the written text as other tools, we’re video-led! 

We’re going even further with multi-language capabilities as we break the language barrier for audience sentiment data based on your brand’s specific location or target market. Our tech uncovers specific audience feedback that’s product, service, or brand-related in specific geographical locations for local businesses and across countries for international brands.

Tools for sentiment analysis may be limited to text or picture analysis. Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool is the only option to uncover true customer sentiment data. Here’s the type of data our tool extracts related to community sentiment based on social sentiment tracking.

  • Audience perception – the ways in which influencer followers perceive brands, products, services, trends, or other topics related to what influencers say. A deeper look into what makes audiences and potential customers react positively, negatively, or into what triggers no particular reaction to a brand, product, or service content creators speak about.
  • Influencer perception – Aggero also extracts creator sentiment data to understand what influencers say and feel about your product, service, brand, or industry.
  • Audience interest – key topics audiences engage with related to what creators say.

Each business collects different types of data on social audiences for correct social perception analysis which then allows creator campaign adjustments right as they unfold on social media. Aggero offers real-time social sentiment data and allows real-time creator-led campaign optimization, also detailed in our social listening examples post.

What is social listening?

Social listening, also known as social media listening or video listening, is the process of analyzing social media or online conversations about a brand, product, service, or industry. Companies use it to discover relevant online mentions and audience feedback.
Done at a large scale, social listening is specific to companies interested in monitoring social media mentions either in real-time or in a specific timeframe.
Video listening is a specific type of social listening that now includes video speech analysis through natural language processing (NLP).

What type of social media sentiment can you track?

Audience sentiment for TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, or other social platforms is generally referred to as social media sentiment. The more data you collect from audiences, the more representative it is for your brand, social presence, and business growth. Influencers have large audiences and the way they speak about your brand triggers all types of reactions quantifiable as sentiment with real impact through large reach.

types of social sentiment audience reactions

Types of Social Sentiment Audience Reactions

What is Social Media Audience?

Social media audiences or social audiences are groups of people defined by a certain behavior or interest such as following preferences, interests, curiosity, or enjoyment. Brands build audiences on their own, as well as through such as influencer marketing campaigns. The study of the sentiment of these audiences is known as social media sentiment or audience sentiment in the context of social media.

How Is Social Sentiment Measured?

Aggero’s social listening and social sentiment analysis measures audience sentiment through AI natural language processing technology in video-led content across all major social channels. Real-time sentiment analysis for video-led content is what sets Aggero apart from all other tools, making it the best social listening tool.

The metrics we track and even the habit of measuring social sentiment are still new to many businesses. Without a tool like Aggero, tracking specific opinions, mentions, and audience reactions across thousands of videos relevant to your brand is impossible.

Why Does Your Brand Need Social Media Sentiment Analysis For Video-Led Content?

The benefit of Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool is to quantify and analyze what wasn’t previously possible, by analyzing speech and extracting data that your business can count on for growth. 

The social listening benefits of Aggero’s AI Video Listening Tool include analyzing speech and extracting social sentiment in relation to what creators say. This type of data wasn’t previously possible to analyze and brands are just getting up to speed with what is a goldmine of social video consumer insights. A strategy that includes TikTok sentiment analysis, YouTube sentiment analysis, or Instagram sentiment analysis benefits your business and marketing efforts in many ways.

  • Data-based audience insights for data-based creator campaign success
  • Optimized influencer marketing strategies for high ROI and high engagement
  • Stronger brand PR and a more representative social voice
  • Quick reactions to positive or negative brand or product mentions
  • Discover limitations in your brand, product, or service offerings 
  • Engage with the audience to maximize positive interactions and brand awareness
  • Improve customer service and client loyalty by improving your product based on real social mention sentiment analysis from creators and their audiences

Can social sentiment be improved?

Bolg 4 Inside Data that your business can count on for growth -

Audience sentiment is the most important in the context of social media, a space where real-time reactions drive real-time impact more than in other types of media. One of the key benefits of relying on a social media sentiment monitoring tool such as Aggero is that you can improve neutral and even negative social perceptions through at least a few methods.

Engage with customers – brands that take customer experience seriously respond to social media questions, complaints, or social comments. 84% of brands that invest in better customer experience report higher company revenue, so engaging with audiences for happy customers is a must in today’s world. You can do this by measuring social listening metrics such as mentions to react quickly.

Create the right video content for the right audience – even the most social replies from companies cannot fix a faulty message through influencer marketing. Aggero shows which influencers are best for your company as it analyzes their audiences and their interests. The highest engagement and ROI on your brand’s social campaigns are specific to the campaigns where your product or service is talked about to the right audience which already shows an interest in your industry.

The right type of video content with the right influencers and audiences can dramatically improve social sentiment for your brand. You can use Aggero’s advanced AI video social sentiment analysis capabilities to gather the data that would allow you to steer your brand’s identity in the right direction.

How to Track Social Media Sentiment from Social Video for Your Brand?

Only Aggero can help track social video sentiment for the most detailed audience sentiment. Its deep video insights allow the tool to redefine what your brand knows about the buyer persona or the audience it communicates with on social media. Here’s how your business can get started with our tool.

  1. Use Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening Tool
  2. Set your campaign goals – discover the general attitude towards your product, service, brand, or industry from a specific creator or from all creators and their audiences relevant to your business.

Define your timeframe – set clear analysis timeline boundaries for the most representative results. Choose between the most recent creator and audience insights or track campaign-specific social sentiment data to match product releases or product updates.

How Aggero Already Proves The Benefits of Social Media Sentiment Analysis With AI Video Social Listening?

Social media sentiment is changing influencer marketing as video-led content becomes even more popular. Apart from offering the right technology to track social audience feedback from creator-led videos, Aggero has already helped some of the world’s most representative brands understand what makes for high-engagement influencer campaigns. We helped Wargaming improve game updates with video audience feedback within the company’s creator network. Aggero also uncovered TikTok audience engagement secrets for COTY with data on audience sentiment in the beauty industry, one of the most lucrative social video categories on TikTok.