How Aggero Unlocks TikTok Audience Engagement Secrets
for COTY, a Leader in Beauty

COTY Case Study

COTY, a leader in the beauty industry, partnered with Aggero to gain actionable insights into the social media performance of their Thrill Seeker mascara on TikTok. The goal of the collaboration was to optimize marketing efforts for maximum performance and return on investment.

The problem

Deciphering social media influencer video-led content engagement on TikTok isn’t easy.

COTY had one objective – to understand the correlation between key performance indicators and engagement rate for its Thrill Seeker mascara on TikTok videos. The engagement rate of Thrill Seeker mascara was compared against one of its common competitors, Maybelline’s Sky High mascara.

Our Solution

Our social media listening tool employed advanced AI and NLP methods to analyze TikTok videos (for The UK target market) influencers mentioning Thrill Seeker mascara.

Key analyzed metrics – verbal references, video duration, likes, comments, followers, and audience sentiment.

These metrics were based on key Thrill Seeker properties and hashtags such as lengthening, volumizing, long-lasting, curling, waterproof, and others. Our AI video listening tool also analyzed what creators said about packaging, price, advocacy, sampling, recommendations, usage, and emphasis on various other talking points.

The result – centralized data with unique metrics on spoken points of interest, the social sentiment regarding these points of interest, as well as post performance.

Coty - Results Timeline Composition

*Influencer segments by followers – micro-nano <50k, mid <500k, macro <1m, VIP/Mega >1m


Aggero’s AI-driven social listening tool provided COTY data-rich video insights into the performance of Thrill Seeker mascara campaign on TikTok.

This data uncovered actionable strategies to refine content, target influencers effectively, and enhance audience engagement. Our video listening tool is ready to empower future COTY influencer marketing campaigns with impactful insights.

More about COTY

Founded in 1904, COTY is a world leader in international beauty with a portfolio of brands in the cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care industries. The company sells luxury and mass-market products in 130 countries, employing around 20.000 employees. COTY has offices in London, New York, and Paris. Its Thrill Seeker mascara was one of the Fabulous Magazine Beauty Award winners in 2023!