How Estee Lauder Maximizes its TikTok Engagement Rate With Aggero

estee lauder tiktok engagement rate case

Understanding true Tiktok engagement rate in relation to video content creator KPIs is something we’re specializing in, here at Aggero. We partnered with Estee Lauder, a cosmetics industry giant, to discover the type of creators and the types of topics that would drive a high engagement rate on TikTok for Too Faced, one of the company’s highly successful brands.


Our data-driven approach provided key audience engagement and audience sentiment findings to Estee Lauder. We even compared the company’s products to some of the best performers on the market to correlate the uncovered video engagement rate to industry leader standards.

The Problem

Too Faced, one of Estee Lauder’s brands is making a name for itself in the beauty industry all around the world. One of its products, Better Than Sex Mascara, was not getting the TikTok audience engagement rate to its full potential. To better understand its audience engagement potential, we compared it to Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara, a staple of the beauty world.

The beauty industry currently doesn’t have the tools or the video social listening metrics to understand audience sentiment in relation to what creators such as influencers say. TikTok influencer engagement and audience engagement data is limited as a result. Aggero’s AI Video Listening tech represents  the best social listening tool in this space. Our AI Video Social Listening technology not only showed Estee Lauder what makes engaging video content on TikTok but it also showed which creators engaged audiences the most. In addition, our rich reports included crucial information on audience sentiment and the tone of creators.

Our Solution to Increase the TikTok Engagement Rate

Aggero ‘listened’ to what TikTok creators say about Better Than Sex and Sky High Mascaras on a large scale. We analyzed both natural language in videos and comments to get layered audience and creator data. This is how our technology was deployed

Analyzed Table - Sky High vs Better Than Sex

Common product attributes we also analyzedvolume, length, curling, waterproof, clumpiness, and long-lasting.

How we analyzed what makes for high engagement for Better Than Sex Mascara

  1. Video analysis AI insights (recognizing verbal references, topics of interest, and top moments of audience engagement)
  2. Additional tracking included likes, comments, followers, and video duration
  3. The engagement rate was calculated based on the total number of interactions such as likes and comments relative to the number of views

Aggero's Data-Rich Results

Not only did Aggero find the correlation between KPIs and engagement rate, but it also detailed the findings further, offering Estee Lauder the figures to drive maximum returns on their future creator campaigns and real-time influencer campaigns optimization on TikTok.

Results Engagement Rate & Creator Audience - Sky High vs Better Than Sex

Sky High Mascara showed slightly higher engagement rate

Sky High Mascara also scored better in creator audience bond

*Bond Score – This score is calculated based on the total number of videos where the percentage of comments related to any of the product related talking points is above 20%.


Video social listening video insights on paid vs organic content

Our AI Video Social Listening technology discovered and compared engagement rates. It also shows which content creators were more likely to talk about these mascaras in a way that engages audiences the most.

Better Than Sex Mascara is a product that hugely benefits from an association with nano influencers. While these smaller TikTok video-led content creators don’t have large followings, they do have a small group of highly engaged followers. Authenticity sets them apart and recommends them as an ideal partner for Better Than Sex Mascara TikTok influencer campaigns. From a brand exposure perspective, Sky High Mascara should also pair up with larger influencers.

Aggero found Better Than Sex Mascara was mainly reaching audiences through organic content, also acting as video analysis influencer marketing software. There’s room to reach more audiences, particularly those not familiar with the brand, by tapping into paid content and influencer campaigns.

Engagement rate and influencer insights

Our social listening technology delivers comprehensive video data on both audiences and video creators.

  • Aggero discovered a 70% higher engagement rate for influencers and video content creators talking about ‘brush’, and ‘application’.
  • Geographic differences between content creators have also been found. UK creators focused on product advocacy drove a 36% higher engagement rate while US-based creators talking about ‘color’ attributes drove 22% higher engagement rates (Aggero recommended strengthening the presence on the US market).
  • Micro-influencers talking about ‘benefits’ and ‘results’ generated higher engagement compared to those that didn’t
  • Nano creators emerged as the most prominent contributors for both Sky High and Better Than Sex mascaras for high average TikTok engagement rate.
categories of influencers

Aggero's product-related findings for higher TikTok Engagement Rate

Increased TikTok engagement is possible by prioritizing content to address the curling effect and showcase how Better Than Sex mascara enhances and maintains curled lashes.

Product demonstrations are huge on TikTok in the beauty space. This is why brands need to encourage influencers to share their personal experience and show how to achieve the curl themselves. Actual product demonstration actively encourages comments and audience reactions.

From a brand perspective, it’s also important to show influencers how the product is properly applied and to pinpoint some of the application challenges so that they can properly showcase the mascara to their audiences, regardless of their size.

Our findings in audience sentiment for Better than Sex Mascara

Social sentiment analysis, a key video social media analytics metric, shows how the audience feels about the mascara in relation to what influencers or smaller video-led creators say about it. 

  • Our results shows Better Than Sex is positively received by TikTok content creators as most recommend the product
  • Better Than Sex had a similar audience sentiment to Sky High
  • The mascara was endorsed by content creators with a dominating positive sentiment
  • Our social sentiment tool even found audiences had no objection in terms of the mascara’s value for money proposal

The power of Aggero's AI Video Social Listening Tool Exemplified

The effectiveness of influencer marketing on TikTok and other social platforms may have not been correctly understood with current market metrics of social media monitoring tools. Aggero AI redefines what’s possible in this space as we’ve also proven our data-rich approach with higher TikTok engagement rate for COTY, another leader in beauty.

In the case of Estee Lauder, our tech showed how certain mascara topics shape beauty industry audience perceptions and TikTok  engagement rate. Product demonstrations and talking points such as ‘application’ or ‘benefits’ delivered an engagement rate 30 to 70% higher compared to when these attributes weren’t mentioned. 

The capacity to understand how and which creators engage audiences has dual benefits here. 

Firstly, it shows Too Faced what they need to instruct their TikTok influencers to talk about for higher engagement and positive audience sentiment. 

Secondly, influencer campaign analysis identifies creators positively talking about the brand while engaging audiences so Estee Lauder’s Too Faced can partner with the right voices of social media for the highest ROI. Too Faced can do this by putting its audience first as it now understands what drives its interests with first-hand video engagement data.