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How to Do Real-time Influencer Campaign Optimization
With Aggero?

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In a growing influencer economy, real-time creator-led campaign optimization drives real business growth through improved ROI. At Aggero, we believe the video influencer marketing strategies that succeed are those based on data which allow real-time optimization with high campaign impact.

Real-time optimization allows video influencer marketing strategies to reach their full potential. Both one-off and multi-phase long-term influencer campaigns are here to stay for considerable business growth with different benefits.

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As with any high ROI creator-led campaign, your social video campaigns based on influencers should have a clear goal. Before diving into the specifics of how to optimize campaigns and the right analytics for campaign optimization, let’s have a look at what real-time optimization is.

What is real-time optimization in influencer marketing?

Real-time campaign optimization are the live changes, focused on improvements, you make to creator-led marketing strategies over one or multiple social channels, based on data, with the goal of maximizing ROI.


What are creator-led campaigns in marketing?

Creator-led campaigns are video marketing strategies based on influencers, content creators, or groups that use social video to connect to audiences. The emergence of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch has changed marketing with the advent of video content creators. Unlike with content-led campaigns, creator-led campaigns are based on experience signals as audiences trust the first-hand knowledge of the creators they follow.

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real time influencer campaign optimization key takeaways

Real-Time Creator-led Campaign Management and Optimization Guide

Real-time optimization of your creator-led video campaigns is a type of paid influencer marketing strategy adjustment based on preliminary data, mainly to maximize the return on investment.

If you’re running creator-led campaigns – we believe you should – there are some pre-steps to take when it comes to real-time optimization, starting with your end goals.

Why your brand can’t actually optimize creator campaigns in real-time without Aggero?
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While using Aggero, you can track the right creator-led campaign KPIs for the first time. The data resulted from tracking helps optimize your influencer campaigns even as they unfold. With our tool, you can consider the next steps for the ultimate high ROI real-time creator-led campaign optimization.

Establish your campaign goals

Your live optimization efforts should be based on your end goals. There are different types of influencer marketing optimization goals your business can strive for.

  • Conversions – focused on revenue first? This is a good time to track conversions. Arguably the most important creator-led campaign KPI, conversions are directly related to ROI. Our experience shows micro-nano influencers have some of the most engaged audiences which are also highly likely to convert.
  • Brand awareness and reach – creator-led brand awareness is a type of digital PR that puts your brand or product out there. Partnering with macro influencers tends to be the best real-time optimization strategy here for their wider reach.
  • Social engagement – engagement is a KPI that helps establish how suitable your brand is to an influencer’s audience. Higher engagement also shows which influencer videos resonate with audiences the most. You can optimize for higher social engagement and for building your brand’s social presence by prioritizing creators with the most engaging content based on Aggero AI video social listening data.

Defining your goal not only helps you choose the right influencers for your real-time optimization campaign but it also helps you understand which audiences are best for your brand message, especially based on preliminary data you already have from your creator-led campaign.

estee lauder tiktok engagement rate case study

Read more about Aggero’s data-first approach to uncovering TikTok engagement rate for Estee Lauder

Choose the right video social listening tool

Marketing success is defined by optimization, re-alignment, and bettering your messaging efforts across all channels. When working with creators of all sizes, it’s important to have the right tools to track campaign data from start to finish. Campaign analytics and optimization go hand in hand.

Aggero AI Video Social Listening tool capabilities for real-time creator-led campaign optimization

Look no further than Aggero when deciding on the best video social listening tool. Our deployed AI technology works with influencer video data as campaigns unfold, allowing you to take action for better messaging, and ultimately, higher ROI.

Aggero’s influencer video content analysis benefits as an all-in-one AI Video Social Listening Tool for live paid or organic campaign optimization 

  • Track video campaign KPIs like a professional – get detailed creator, audience, and audience sentiment video-based video analytics like no other tool can offer.
  • Actually track video brand mentions – our technology uniquely tracks brand mentions within videos in real time.
  • Track showcased products within videos – automatically see when creators use or showcase your product within videos and save time checking the videos yourself. Track audience reactions to showcased products to better understand social sentiment.
  • Streamline operations – replace influencer relationship management tools and track video creator KPIs with Aggero’s tech with its granular video that leads to real business growth.
  • Centralized creator-led campaign data – say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets with Aggero’s intuitive software user dashboard to extract only the KPIs that matter.
  • Choose from different campaign scenarios based on specific video creators – easily match campaign goals to optimization routes. Interested in reach? Filter the creators with the largest following. Interested in audience feedback? Filter and prioritize video creators with the highest engagement rate.
  • Find the right influencers to partner with for your business – real-time influencer marketing campaign optimization can truly be successful when you find the right video creators, such as those that already positively speak about your brand or industry, with proven audience engagement, for maximum impact.
  • Discover the engaged audiences ready for your message – the more in-line your messaging is with your audience, the more success the campaign optimization has.

Here are some Aggero KPIs you can use for effective real-time creator-led campaign optimization.

  • Stream/video performance – a breakdown of the number of videos, watch hours, number of comments, average concurrent viewers, and peak concurrent viewers. Learn from the videos that perform the best by checking the analytics for campaign optimization Aggero provides.
  • Top moments – the specific brand-related or product-related moments when the audience engages in conversations. Optimize your campaign around these key top moments for maximum impact.
  • Top creators – the most efficient video creators that engaged audiences the most on specific brand-related topics. Optimize campaigns for impact based on the creator’s proven to engaged audiences the most.
  • Top topics – a list of topics that engages audiences the most. Aggero provides a list of the most discussed topics both for the video creator and for the audience/followers. Optimize your campaigns based on what drives true interest in the audience.

A mix of creator and audience KPIs helps establish the best real-time creator-led campaign optimization strategy. Influencer metrics and audience metrics from early campaign stages help shape the final campaign result. Aggero is the tool for these analytics as it tracks creator campaign performance in real-time with unique data and video social listening metrics.

Continuously analyze influencer performance data

Monitoring influencer performance is constant for optimization in marketing. This constant nature of influencer analytics is what helps with campaign management and optimization. Luckily, the performance of video-led creators can be monitored with Aggero.

Some of the best influencers show a mix of authenticity, expertise, and entertainment.

Our tool replaces influencer analytics software and influencer relationship management software while adding new layers of video creator-led insights as well as audience data previously not available in the creator market to streamline social success.

Some of the KPIs you need to track when it comes to creator-led campaigns include engagement, showcased products/logos, creator sentiment, audience sentiment, reach, impressions, views, and return on investment through conversions. These metrics should show which influencers perform and which underperform.

  • Identify top-performing influencers – prioritize influencers that perform the best.
  • Identify the lesser performing influencers – discover which video creators don’t perform as expected.

Pro tip 1: Aggero’s Top Creators tab is our tool’s feature to find the highest-performing influencers or video streamers.

Pro tip 2: Aggero’s tech shows the videos with the highest engagement and the Top Moments of engagement within these videos so that you can pinpoint exactly what makes them successful on social media. Use the information from the top performers to optimize your campaign according to what works best.

Some of the questions to ask yourself when identifying top-performing and underperforming influencers alongside keeping an eye on KPIs include – does the influencer know how to present your product, service, or brand on social? How engaged are the followers of a certain creator?


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Optimize the video content

Improving real-time paid creator-led campaigns is a top priority for optimization with an impact. The problem with current creator industry standards is the lack of tools or metrics to dissect video content and speech to understand what creators say. This is where Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening tools show its main benefits related to content optimization.

  • Track what creators say related to your brand, service, or product using Aggero’s AI Video Social Listening tech. Aggero listens only to relevant conversations related to your business, getting rid of all other non-essential content that dominates the social landscape.
  • Our creator-led technology allows real-time optimization based on audience engagement data related to what creators say. Aggero’s tech analyzes the most engaged audiences to creators for you.
  • Track how showcasing your product impacts engagement rate. Aggero uniquely identifies showcased products or brand logos in videos. This feature can be used as a KPI as you assess its impact on audience sentiment and engagement rate.

Pro tip:  find the right topics, product/service attributes, or keywords that drive the highest engagement with Aggero.

Optimize and target the right audience by tracking social sentiment

Social sentiment is a creator economy metric to quantify the attitude of customers towards your brand, company, product, or service.

Skipping social sentiment analysis means you’re leaving out important data that could potentially indicate you need to optimize campaigns in real-time.

Audience campaign KPIs are truly important for maximum ROI. You can track audience sentiment with our video social listening tool to get granular insights into the early impact of your campaign and adjust if needed.

Brands are just waking up to the importance of social sentiment when it comes to creator-led campaigns. The success of your campaigns is defined by the emotional reaction of the audience (positive, negative, or neutral) towards a certain influencer or what an influencer says. Likes, comments, and tags are just part of the audience sentiment tracking capabilities of Aggero that you can integrate into real-time optimization strategies.

Blueprint to optimize real-time campaigns based on data

Not sure where to start and how to optimize your campaign? Here’s a summary of the optimization process to help you get started.

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Influencer marketing campaign optimization should be based on real-time data for maximum results

From finding the right video creators to partner with to tracking the right KPIs, real-time influencer marketing campaign optimization should always be based on data uniquely provided by Aggero. Once you have this data and clear campaign goals, you can measure and optimize your influencer marketing campaigns in real time from the creator-led awareness stage, to the considerations stage, and finally the purchasing decision stage of the buying journey.


One-off influencer campaigns – shorter period campaigns, typically paid, defined by brands partnering with influencers to promote products or services. This type of campaign is ideal for short exposure, product launches, product updates, and promotions across different types of audiences from different types of influencers.

Creator economy – a growing digital field of people where content creators earn money making and publishing content to promote a product or a service to an audience known as the following.

Influencer analytics – a data-driven tracking and reporting mechanism to uncover insights that help brands track, evaluate, and optimize influencer marketing campaigns.

Campaign ROI – in influencer marketing, campaign ROI is the ratio of the revenue generated by the influencer to the cost you incur.