3 Social Listening Examples
for Brands Working With Video Creators

3 social listening examples aggero

The following social listening examples can serve as a general guideline for brands looking to get real video insights when working with influencers, both on creators and on their audiences. Creator-led content collaborations are on the rise, with brands considering influencer collaborations at all buying stages and even for awareness alone within brand reputation strategies.

An example of social listening is only relevant when tied to your industry. Our reports go over relevant examples in the beauty and gaming industry. The amount of data to be analyzed in these industries is vast. Oftentimes, beauty brands and game developers don’t know how to choose the right influencer to partner as they don’t have true engagement data. 

Even more, building up their creator networks may be limited by not truly grasping social listening benefits such as determining video engagement rate or understanding the audience reaction to creator input in real-time, as campaigns unfold.

Examples of Social Listening Reports for Creator-led Content

Social listening with a focus on video content engagement analytics opens new doors to creator and audience understanding. You need to learn what to focus on when it comes to running your own campaigns that boost your brand’s ROI and video content performance. Here are 3 examples to get inspired from.

Social Listening
Social Listening
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1. Creator Insights

Social listening uncovers ideal creators based on true engagement data. Discovering the right video creators is different for all brands. Your brand can benefit from discovering creators that already engage audiences on your brand, product, or industry. Furthermore, you can also discover the creators with the most engaging video content as ideal partners for your influencer campaigns.

Benchmarking is common practice in social listening video-driven content analytics. This is an example of your creator insights can look when you compare either a brand or a product against a close competitor.

Example insights: Aggero answers the following creator-related questions. How many creators talked about your product (organic vs paid). How many videos did they create? How many unique creators talked about your brand? How are these creators split into regions? Where to find micro influencers? Are there any micro influencer platforms or programs for my brand? 

Social Listening
Social Listening
Insights 2 1 -

2. Video Insights

Video Insights show granular creator-led video data. In video social listening, your video insights include the split between small, medium, and large influencers. Ideal for high engagement, small influencers can be prioritized with awareness-oriented larger influencers. You also get to learn which videos performed best and which topics of interest or specific keywords triggered the highest audience engagement.

Example insights: Aggero understands true video insights. Which creators talked about your brand? How many macro influencers talked about your product vs micro influencers? Which types of influencers drove the highest audience engagement? Ideally, you use this data to either optimize influencer campaigns or to partner with the influencers that engage audiences the most in the future.

Social Listening
Insights 3 Tablet 1 -
Insights 3 -

3. Audience Engagement Insights

Global brands often struggle to get the social sentiment and the video social listening data they need from countries. You can now learn how your audience engages with creator video content on social channels across multiple industries. Even more, you can use at least one competitor to benchmark your results and create your own consumer insights market research report.

Example insights: Social listening AI tools catered to creator-led video content such as Aggero track video content across countries. Our video creator-led content performance tracking tool understands 100+ languages and offers granular data into how your creator campaigns perform for country-specific audience engagement. From an audience engagement perspective, it shows which topics discussed by influencers generated the most engagement and the videos that had the highest engagement rate. Our unique audience insights show the type of positive, negative, or neutral audience reaction towards what creators say in videos.

Video Social Listening Examples from Aggero

Aggero is changing how social listening is used by brands around the world. Based on deep video content engagement insights, our AI technology already puts these insights into practice. Here are just some examples from the beauty and gaming industry.

Better Than Sex Mascara

Maybelline’s Sky High mascara creator videos are engaging so they can be used for mascara social video engagement benchmarking. This is what we did at Aggero with our social listening case study where we compared Maybelline’s Sky High’s TikTok engagement to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara for TikTok engagement rate improvements.

If you’re a brand in the beauty industry, you can use our video social listening examples for your own social listening benefits such as 

  • Understanding your audience
  • Learning what creators say about you 
  • Uncovering audience perceptions to what creators say in product demonstration videos
  • Learning about engagement differences in certain geographical reasons
  • Understanding why some videos perform better than others (ie. showcasing how to apply the product)

Sky High Mascara has constant audience interest with thousands of created videos per month. Discovering what potential customers and creators say about it is only possible through AI tech.

Our tool: Aggero Social Media AI Video Listening Tool uncovers unique insights such as the most engaging creators or the most engaging videos from the thousands of paid or organic videos that may be related to your product. In some cases, we’re talking about millions of video hours that are automatically analyzed for you. Our tool also finds the specific moments when your product was discussed or shown by creators.

Types of hashtags and keywords to use for creator-led social listening with Aggero

Keywords and hashtags are used to define social listening campaigns for creator-led content. Our case study revealed audience insights such as a more engaged global audience for Sky High Mascara compared to its competitors such as Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. It also revealed creator insights such as 2.5 times higher engagement rate for those that showcased ‘application’. Competitor analysis for social media is mostly based on KPIs such as audience engagement to measure influence.

Brands can use certain product attributes as keywords to understand true audience perceptions on their products. For example, mascara such as Sky High can be analyzed for the following keywords

  • Lengthening
  • Curling
  • Colors
  • Other effects (thickening, lifting, conditioning, etc.)

Example social listening keywords to get inspired from: sky high mascara, sky high, sky high + color (black, blue mist, burgundy haze, burgundy pink air).

Example social listening effect-related keywords to get inspired from: natural (paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, unrefined, Hypoallergenic), intensity (all day, fade-proof, long lasting).

Your beauty brand can leverage these types of keywords or hashtags to learn true creator and audience perceptions even against the competition. Maybelline is not the only brand breaking into the burgundy mascara trend.

Image Source: Google Trends

Your brand: Are you launching burgundy mascaras going with the trend? Learn what potential customers say about your competitors, what they feel their products are best and worst at and how they react to what creators are saying about these products. Our video listening tool discovers what type of content and which creators are the most engaging in this space so that you know who to partner with and the types of videos that drive the most engagement.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Our social listening case study showed the TikTok engagement rate for Better Than Sex Mascara in a period of a year. As with any type of social listening report example, we delivered a breakdown of creator insights, video insights, and engagement insights companies can leverage for better engagement on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. 

Our tool: Aggero discovered Better Than Sex creator-led content performed well with micro influencers. Higher engagement rate was specific for the videos with these types of influencers. As one of the best social listening tools for video, our tool also discovered that micro influencers who focused on ‘brush’ and ‘application’ got the highest engagement.

Types of questions audiences can ask creators related to what they said or showed Aggero tracks

Interested in replicating these findings for your brand or product? Define your keywords or the topics you want to track to find out what engages audiences the most and how audiences react to what creators say.

Here’s an example of how we quantify the questions of the followers to creator-led verbal references.

Social Listening
Social Listening
Social Listening

– Example report of audience questions and comments related to what creators say and show

This visual example of the audience reactions in a social listening report shows where the interest of the followers is, in relation to what the creators say. It also shows potential buying intent.

Your brand: Do you represent a beauty brand interested in what social audiences say with your influencer campaigns? Did you know you can now track and quantify all of these reactions per topic or product attribute? Aggero can even track positive, negative, or neutral audience reactions in relation to what influencers say for a holistic approach to social listening video insights. Based on video insights, our tool helps you get new social listening metrics beauty brands can count on for successful influencer campaigns.


Game-related topics are uncovered through video social listening. Our tool can track data on streaming platforms such as Twitch. We’ve already done it with Wargaming audience engagement, helping the game publisher and developer improve game updates by better understanding what creators say and how audiences react in their creator network.

Screenshot Aggero App Mobile -
Screenshot Aggero App Tablet -
Aggero App

– Example report for game-related creators and audience insights

Our tool: Use Aggero to get a unique understanding of creator numbers and size, hours streamed, numbers of streams, comments, engagement rate, or common sentiment only towards game-related content. Unlike with other social listening tools, Aggero’s creator-led video focus gives insights only into game-related topics, showing which videos perform better and the creators that outperform others. Our unique approach eliminates social media noise with specific insights into the game topics audiences are interested in.

Types of keywords and hashtags for social listening relevant to the gaming industry

The gaming industry has plenty of keywords and hashtags to track streamer or audience insights. Since games come with plenty of updates, each update can become a social listening campaign in itself.

Game name: Wargaming, Maple Story, Ronin, GTA

What’s in it for you when you input your game’s name as a keyword for your social listening campaign? Track your game’s online reputation, see the perception of your streamers in your creator network, spot potential trends in negative or positive audience sentiment (Twitch sentiment, YouTube sentiment, or Instagram sentiment can now be tracked), or see how creators and audience speak about your game.


Input the name of your competitors to understand how creators speak about them in streams and how audiences react to what they say. Discover their strengths and weaknesses in real-time.

Campaign name or event period

Are you launching an influencer campaign for your game? Track its response and ROI with our tool. Aggero’s AI for social listening can track the creator-led KPIs of your campaign or a given timeframe. Go beyond traditional hashtags and keywords by analyzing game mentions in a specific period correlating the impact of your influencer campaigns.

Game category

Interested in learning what the social voice of creators and audiences is saying about a certain game category. Input your category as a keyword. Typical examples include adventure, MMORPG, simulation or real-time strategy to discover what gets positive approval and what triggers negative sentiment. Split the tracking to multiple countries to understand cultural differences in creator and audience perceptions. 


Do you need more social listening examples? Check out our updating case studies page where you can learn more about our impact with leading brands. Discover which keywords delivered the most relevant data and how Aggero met the needs of our clients with our unique social media AI Video Listening Tool.

Frequent Questions on Social Listening
How does social listening work?

Social listening tracks what creators say and how audiences respond. Video social listening understands natural speech, correlating audience reactions to specific moments when creators mention a topic, brand, or product. 

How to do social listening?

You can use Aggero as a self-service tool for social listening relevant to your brand. Aggero social listening tool offers a free demo to get you started with complex video insights that not only show what creators and audiences say but which also uncovers true engagement parameters for maximum social impact.

What is an example social listening goal?

A goal in social sentiment based on influencer video analysis is improving customer sentiment, bettering social campaign ROI, or understanding what creators and audiences say about your brand or product. Ultimately, you make the content that best resonates with your audiences and further improve your products based on their feedback. Read more in our guide Learn How to Conduct Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Can you automate social listening?

Yes! Aggero does it all for you. From complex reports as seen in the examples above to uncovering only the brand or product-relevant discussions, Aggero defines social impact analytics by understanding the impact creators have on social audiences by tracking what they say in more than 100 languages.

What’s the difference between social listening and social monitoring?

Social media monitoring is a short-term solution to dealing with customer complaints and quantifying your short-term goals. Video social listening understands the perception of your audiences and influencers in real time for the long-term, often leading to brands launching better products on actual insights.

Is social listening worth it?

Social listening improves ROI on your influencer campaigns and it helps discover creator-led audience perceptions on your brand and product like no other social KPI.

Who uses social listening tools?

Brands of all sizes use social listening tools for creator-led consumer insight. Businesses thrive when they take data-based growth decisions and video social listening offers this data in real-time, often right as social campaigns unfold.